How to load a tape gun

Listen it’s ok we have all been there, struggling and wondering how to load a tape gun so you can get them all important boxes taped. The good news is it is super easy when you know how. Below is a  video showing you exactly how to load a tape gun video as well as a step by step guide on how to do it.

  • First, grab your roll of tape, make sure that the end of the tape is on the left with the sticky side facing down.


  • Next grab your roll of tape and push it fully onto the large roller


  • Position the end of tape so that it ready to go under the other roller


  • Grab the tape gun with your right hand and with your left hand pull the lever down and use your right index finger to hold it in place.


  • Take the end of your tape and pull it underneath the roller and up towards the blades. Let go of the lever and use the blades to cut the tape.


And there you have it, you are now ready to tape your boxes. Check out our how to video on it below.


Ok so you have decided to move within or out of San Francisco. Now comes the next step, finding moving supplies in San Francisco. There are a number of places to get moving supplies in San Francisco. As with everything the moving supplies in San Francisco that you can buy vary greatly on both price and quality. The good news is we here at The Guru of Moving have done the hard work for you. We have researched the best places to buy moving supplies in San Francisco based on price, quality and convince. We hope that when looking for moving supplies in San Francisco our list makes it that bit easier for you to get them.


Where to get Moving Supplies In San Francisco


Bay Area Box Express – Originally owned by an amazing guy called Warren who everyone loved he has recently sold it to the moving company Kerb. The boxes are typically misprints which is why they able to sell them to their customers at a very competitive price. To make it even better you can pick the boxes up from them or even have them delivered to your door. As well as moving boxes he also supplies all the moving supplies you could ever need for a typical move. Highly recommended, check them out at Bay Area Box Express

U – Haul – What we love about U-haul is that they have so many locations in San Francisco you are almost guaranteed to find a location convenient to you. On top of that they have a great selection of all the moving supplies that you will need and we found there prices to be very competitive. Although they do not deliver to your door they will offer to buy any unused boxes back from you which we really like.

Box Engine  – Although not based in San Francisco we thought this was a great one to add to the list if you are looking for moving supplies. This website will delivery moving supplies to San Francisco right to your front door at a great price. Check them out at

Home Depot – We found Home Depot to be a great choice when getting moving supplies in San Francisco. Their prices are some of the lowest out there if you pick them up from one of their stores and you can even have them delivered to your door for a small shipping fee. Like U Haul one of the things that we really like about Home Depot is that they buy back any unused materials that you may have.

Brute Box – Brute box provides reusable plastic tubs for your move. They are strong, durable and environmentally green. What we really like about these is that they are delivered to your door and then picked up again when you have everything unpacked. Although Brute box don’t provide all the moving supplies you may need for a move, getting these reusable plastic tubs delivered to your door is a great way to get started.

ZippGo – ZippGo is essentially the same idea as Brute Box. Plastic tubs are delivered to your door then picked up again when you are ready. We do however like ZippGo a little better. The reason for this is that ZippGo offers  a range of different size containers which we think makes a huge difference. Having different size tubs allows you to distribute the weight better by putting the heavier items into the smaller tubs ect. This makes it some much easier when it come to moving the tubs in and out of you home.

How much should you tip your movers


How much to tip

We know that this is a question that a lot of people out there are asking. The simple answer to this question is whatever you feel appropriate. You by no means have to tip your movers but if you do they will certainly appreciate it.  If you do decide to tip your movers a general rule of thumb is to tip them 5% to 20% of the bill.  A lot of people prefer to simply give them a flat rate tip and this is totally fine also.  Having been a mover for more than 10 years, I would say that the average tip for a days work is $40.

When to tip

The answer to this is pretty simple. If you feel that your movers have worked hard, taken care of your items and  have been polite and respectful then it is definitely time to reward them with a tip. People tend to tip a little more when their movers have gone above and beyond what is typically asked of them.  This may include moving the same piece of furniture around multiple times without complaints, helping with extra items that they were not supposed to move or having to move items up a crazy amount of stairs.

When not to tip

Not all movers deserve a tip at the end of a move as unfortunately  we are all only to aware of.  If you feel that your movers haven’t listened to your requests, haven’t taken proper measures to protect your furniture, have been rude or have had bad communication throughout the move do not feel the need to tip them. If they ask you why you didn’t tip (which no mover ever should) calmly tell them your reasons why and hopefully it will help to make them better in the future.

What else to do for your movers.

As well as tipping there are a few other things that you can to to keep your movers happy throughout the day.  We are also fully aware that moving is already expensive and not everyone can afford to tip so taking our advice on what else to do for your movers can be a great alternative. Moving is an extremely physical job so it’s always good to make sure you have plenty of refreshments on hand, which will also hopefully help to speed them up.  Keeping your movers well feed will also help to keep them happy so feel free to buy them lunch if you think they deserve it.  Speaking from experience I know that movers really appreciate when customers are organized.  With this in mind, make sure you are fully packed, everything is well labeled and that you give them clear instructions and then step back and let them work, believe me sometimes this will make them as happy as a tip.

Do you add the tip to the bill or leave cash

It is perfectly acceptable to either add the tip to the final moving bill or simply just leave it in cash for the movers. My personal advice is to give the movers their tip in cash as opposed to adding it to the final bill.  The reason for this is because if it gets added to the final bill there is a chance the movers will get taxed up to 40% on it. As being a mover isn’t typically a high paying job getting taxed on their tips can really affect their take home pay.

Who do you give the tip to

Typically the tip is given to the crew leader and then he in turn will divide it up among the rest of the crew.  It is also perfectly acceptable to personally hand each crew member their tip. If your move has taken multiple days and there has been different movers on your move on different days it will be easier and fairer to simply hand it to the crew leader and he should divide the tip up equally based on the number of hours that each crew member was on the job.

Steps to take before your moving truck arrives


So moving day is finally here. After months of planning it’s finally time to take a step back and let the movers do all the hard work.  You have spent the last few months researching movers, looking at new apartment, packing and getting everything organized for the big day.  With all that hard work already done it’s easy to feel worn out and to think that there is nothing more that can be done and whatever happens happens, but don’t put your feet up just yet.  We have come up with a list of steps that tend to get done the night before or on the morning of the move and completing these last few steps will help to ensure that all your planning was worthwhile.


Clear a spot for the moving truck

Making sure the movers have somewhere to park their truck when they arrive will help to ensure that your move gets off to a great start.  If you have been saving spots with your cars make sure that you know where all the keys are so you are ready to spring into action when the moving truck arrives.  If you have paid for parking permits, make sure that no one has parked there and if they have, call the tow people asap as it will normally take someone at least 45 minutes to come out and tow them away.  If neighbors have been holding spots for you let them know when your movers plan to arrive so that they are ready to go


Make sure everything is clearly labeled

With so much going on during moving day it’s easy for you to forget what goes where, what items stay, what goes to donation etc but remember it’s not only you that needs to know these things, your movers need to know these details too in order to ensure a smooth move. .Before your movers arrive, take one last walk around and make sure everything is clearly labelled.  Label all boxes where you would like them to go at your new home, mark anything that stays so that it doesn’t get loaded onto the truck by mistake and mark any items that are super fragile or require special attention. Not only will these steps help ensure a smooth move but it will also mean that you don’t have to explain everything over and over again to the movers.


Make a dedicated “Safe Zone” in your house

There are always a few items in your home that are essential to you during the day of your move and it’s important that these items don’t get loaded onto the moving truck by mistake.  Theses may be items like your car keys, medicine, your kids favorite teddy bear etc.  Our advice it to designate a certain corner of a room for all these items and call this corner the safe zone.  When your movers arrive, show them the safe zone, explain to them that everything there stays and is not to be moved and this will help to ensure that you are not stressing out later when you realize your car keys have been packed onto the moving truck.


Go over your contract

Before your movers arrive look over your contract in advance and ensure that you understand what’s expected of you and what you can expect of your movers. Make sure you understand  when your movers will arrive, how much you will be charged, what insurance options you have etc. If you have any questions be sure to contact a representative to talk about any questions you may have before the move begins.


Find a safe spot for your pets

We know you love your pets and enjoy having them around but having them running around during a move can be distracting and also dangerous.  Make sure you have a clear plan on what do do with them on moving day. You may decide to put them in a basket, ask a friend to take care of them or put them in a shelter for a night. Whatever you decide, having them out of the way will mean you have one less thing to worry about and will also make in safer for you and the movers.

Pack an overnight bag

Even if you expect your move to be completed in a day we highly recommend still being prepared and packing an overnight bag just incase.  Although you may never need it there is always a small chance that the moving truck may break down, you lose your only set of keys to your new home or your new landlords decides you can’t get into your new apartment until the following day. Having an overnight bag prepared will help to make a night in a hotel a little less stressful.

Be fully packed

If you have told your moving company that you plan to pack yourself then it is super important that you are fully packed when they arrive.  Many people think that they will be able to pack during the move but you will typically have so many other things to do during the move that this really isn’t a great idea.  Being fully packed before your movers arrive will mean you are less stressed and will be able to coordinate the move much more efficiently, also your estimate will typically be based on you being fully packed so ensuring that you are will mean that the moving company will have to stick to their estimate and will not be able to increase the price.

When it comes to having a successful and stress free move, choosing the right moving company is the number one way to make sure everything goes as planned. Below is our guides and tips on how to choose the right moving company for your move.

Get referrals 

This is our personal favorite way to choose movers. Ask friends, co-workers or even your realtor. The reason we like this option is because these people will have had first hand experience with the companies they are recommending from beginning to end. If they are saying great thing about a company after they have used them they are worth listening to. One tip is to ask the person who referred you if they remember the names of the actual crew who moved them, that way you can personally request the same crew when you call

Find and research companies on Yelp

This is a great way to not only find a list of potential companies but also research what previous customers have to say about them at the same time.  When putting your list together we recommending choosing companies that have at least 30+ reviews. This ensures that the company has been around for at least a few years and that the majority of their reviews should all be real.

Make sure they are licensed and insured

The easiest way to do this is simple by calling the companies on your list and asking them to email you their proof of license and insurance, if they are a legitimate company they will have no issue doing this.

If the company is just a local company the best way to check is by ringing you local PUC or by checking on their website. All local companies are required to have their insurance information registered with the PUC.  

Another way to check the company you are thinking of hiring is by going to FMCSA Website. There you can pull up information as: company type, fleet size, number of trucks and trailers. You can also extract the moving company insurance information if you need to contact their insurance company.

Get a written estimate

Get a written estimate from several movers and compare them. The estimate should be based on an actual in-person inspection of your household goods. It is important to get an in person estimate as in most states a moving company is not required by law to stick to a estimate given over the phone. If however you receive an in person estimate they are required by law to deliver your goods for no more than 10% above the price of a non­binding estimate. This is known as the 110 percent rule.

Check with the BBB

Checking with the Better Business Bureau is a great way to research potential moving companies as it will allow you to check if there has been any complaints made against that company. Stick with moving companies that are BBB accredited or at least have a good rating. If the moving company isn’t listed with the BBB, consider looking for one that is, but also keep in mind that it does cost quite a bit of money to be listed with the BBB so some newer or smaller companies may be good but just can’t afford to be listed.

Verify the Moving Companies address

Always ask the company for a business card or look up their information online. It is important to make sure that all the information listed on business cards, websites, licensing websites etc all matches, if not it can be a red flag. Be sure the company has a local address and answers the phone with its full business name — not just “movers” or something equally generic.

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