Congratulations, you found the place, signed the lease and moved everything into your new apartment. With everything you have had to do in the last few months, you may have overlooked making sure you have all the essentials for your new place. Don’t worry. We have put together a list of the 10 essential items for your new apartment.

Top 10 Essential Items For Your New Apartment


A tool kit for all them DIY jobs

top 10 essentials items for your new home

When you move into your new home, chances are there are going to be a few repairs and diy jobs to do in order to get everything perfect. You may also decide to buy some new furniture which, chances are will require some assembly. With this in mind you are going to need a quality tool kit to make your life and these jobs that little bit easier. Our opinion on the best tool kit for the money to tackle all jobs is the COMOWARE 120 PIECE HOME TOOL KIT WITH DRILL.

This is a quality tool kit for a reasonable price and as it includes a power drill, there will be no job you can’t handle. If you are looking for other options, check out our post on the top 5 tool kits for moving. 


A smart door bell you can watch from your phone

ring-The Guru of Moving

When you move to your new neighborhood you are typically not sure how safe the area is or who everyone is. With that in mind it is always better to be safe than sorry. A new video door bell will give you and your family peace of mind when you are at home or even when you are out. These days, they are super easy to set up and install. Below are 3 of the most popular and highest rated ones on the market. You can also check out Amazon’s Top Video Doorbells


A Fire Extinguisher

top 10 essential items for your new apartment

When putting together our list of top 10 essential items for your new apartment, we knew this was an important one. In our opinion this is the first thing we should all buy and make sure we have when we move into our new home. Unfortunately this can be something we all overlook or forget to purchase. Please make sure and research what type of fire extinguisher is best for your home and always understand how to use it properly if the time ever comes.  Amazon offer a wide range of Fire Extinguishers for the home.


A smart speaker to control all your new tech

bose-The Guru of Moving

If you’ve loaded up on new smart tech for your home, you may want to invest in a hub that can control all the other devices you’ve purchased. Our favorite smart speaker was the Bose Home Speaker 500, which is compatible with both Google Nest and Amazon Alexa products.


A Swiffer WetJet Mop

swiffer-The Guru of Moving

Now that you are in your nice new home, you need to make sure you keep it nice and clean. There’s no denying the appeal of the Swiffer WetJet. This compact, lightweight mop replacement promises to help you clean hard floors faster and with less effort—no dragging around a bucket of soap or wringing out gross mop heads. With the simple press of a button, you can spray the solution onto your floors, scrub them down, and be done with it.


A new door lock

door lock-The Guru of Moving

Chances are you’re not the first person to call your house home. The safest way to ensure that random keys to your front door aren’t floating around in the world is to swap out your current door lock for a new one.

You can make a straight trade for a standard lock, add a new deadbolt, or upgrade to an electronic keyless lock. Smart locks get rid of lost keys all together so you’ll never be locked out of your home.

Smart Locks On Amazon

New Dead Bolt Locks on Amazon


Home / Renters insurance

This is another one of these things that tend to get overlooked with all the stress of moving into your new place. Having everything you hold close to you covered and insured will definitely give you peace of mind should anything ever happen. There are multiple companies out there such as AllState Insurance and Progressive Insurance.


A Robot Vacuum to keep your new home nice and clean

top 10 essential items for your new apartment

You have just moved into your nice new home. Everything looks so clean and tidy. Let keep it that way. A remote vacuum is an essential part of everyones homes these days, especially those with busy schedules. They are simple to connect up to your wifi and you can set it for a daily or weekly clean. After it is done, it returns itself back to its dock to charge. If you hate vacuuming but love a clean house, this is the product for you. Check out Amazon for Robot Vacuums. Our favorite is the iRobot Rumba i3


A New TV

tv-The Guru of Moving

Ok so this one may be a bit more of a treat rather than an essential. Buying a new tv is definitely not an essential but it will make your new home way better. You have worked hard, saved money and just went through the hassel of moving. Give your self that gift of a nice new tv.

Samsung 65 Inch Neo QLED 4K TV $2397.99

SamSung 65 Inch 4K UHD $997.99

Amazon Fire TV 55″ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV


Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors

smoke-The Guru of Moving

Keeping you and your family safe always has to be the number one priority. Although all houses will typically have these. Sometimes when you move into a new place, the last residents may have taken them or the current ones may not work properly. When you move into your new home, make sure you have these and that they are all working. If they are not, buy some new ones straight away. Check out Carbon-monoxide & Smoke Detectors

And there you have a the top 10 essential items for your new apartment. Get these items on our list and the transition into your new apartment will go much smoother.


How to protect your floors when moving

We all know how frustrating it can be when you have moved into your nice new home only to have the floors scratched, scuffed and dirtied by your movers or construction workers. Well don’t panic, we are here to help. We have put together a list of the best items you can buy to help protect your floors when moving. If you have just moved into your new home. Also check out The top 10 essential items for your new apartment.

Protect carpet with carpet protector

how to protect your floors when moving

There is nothing worse than moving into your nice new apartment and then realizing that when the movers and construction workers have left you with a dirty carpet.  Similar to stretch wrap, carpet protector provides a reliable layer of protection from dirt. Carpet protector is relatively affordable, especially when compared to the cost of replacing or cleaning your current carpet. The most common size is 24″ x 200′ and will vary in price, usually between $30-$60 on Amazon. Carpet masks have self-adhesive, install easily and have non-slip surfaces.

Use RAM board to cover the floors

ram-The Guru of Moving

Ram Board is a temporary floor covering material that is specifically designed to protect floors during renovations. It works on most floor types, is easy to apply, and can be reused. This is one of the go-to tools when it comes to protecting floors during a move, and can be found at most local hardware stores. In our opinion this is one of the best options for protecting your floor when moving.

Use furniture sliders

how to protect your floors when moving

Using furniture sliders are a great way to protect your floors during a move. Not only do they stop your floors from getting scratched when furniture is moved along the floor. They also make it super easy to move heavy furniture around. Using furniture sliders will easily allow one person to slide and move heavier pieces to exactly where they want them.


Use dollies with rubber wheels.

dolly1-The Guru of Moving

Whether you are moving yourself or hiring movers, please, please, please make sure any dollies you use have rubber wheels. Dollies with rubber wheels can be safely rolled over your floors and will not leave any marks. Some old type dollies can have wheels that can badly damage floors.  Another thing to keep in mind is on rainy days that the dollies are not rolling dirt and water from outside over the floors.

Put down a a door matt

door matt-The Guru of Moving

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones. Putting a simple floor matt at the front door will certainly help to protect your floors. A good matt will allow everyone coming in and out to wipe there feet and stop any unwanted grit and dirt from marking your floors.

How to protect your floors when moving


neoprene-The Guru of Moving

Neoprene Floor Runner is the ultimate reusable surface protector that rolls out flat, clings to floors and steps with a non-adhesive, slip resistant backing. It  protects hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum and carpet surfaces. What’s great about neoprene is that it is so easy to instal. It rolls out easy and clings to protect staircases and floors.  Whether you are a Professional Mover or DIY Homeowner,  neoprene Floor Runner will provide you the peace-of-mind that your floors will be protected.



booties-The Guru of Moving

Getting movers or workers to put on bootie’s always a good idea. The booties will stop any unwanted dirt and water  getting onto your nice floors. They will also stop any outside stones from going onto your floors and scratching them. One thing to keep in mind however is this. Movers typically need to be going in and out of you house during the move to their truck, so they may not be practical for movers for a standard move.



The best 5 tool kits for moving

Here at the Guru of Moving we have compiled the list of the top 5 tool kits for moving. So whether you are moving across the country, state, town or even just moving across the hallway. Chances are you are going to need to do some disassembly and assembly. When moving we typically need to take beds apart, take legs off tables, unmount tv stands and take all them nails out of our walls just to name a few of the tasks ahead. If you are lucky, your moving company will take care of all these tasks but that might not always be the case. You may be doing a do it your self move or you may simply want to do as much as you can before the movers arrive. Either way you are going to want to get your self one of the best tool kist for moving. If you need to know how to choose the right moving company, check out or post on How to choose a moving company. We have put together a comprehensive list based on reviews, prices and practicality to provide you with the best 5 tool kits for moving.

1 – DEKOPRO 158 BIT TOOL KIT $59.99

deko-The Guru of Moving

We absolutely love this home tool kit from Dekopro. At only $59.99 it literally has everything you will need for your upcoming move. It comes with a wide range of tools including combination wrenches, long nose pliers, polished quick release ratchet, adjustable wrench, rip claw hammer, measuring tape, drive sockets and more. It comes with a sturdy case to protect and keep all your tools in one place. This makes it easy to carry tools around to your area of work whilst keeping everything neatly organized and ready to store away when you’re done. BUY IT NOW




For the price we really do not think you can go wrong with this tool kit. The tool kit includes a claw hammer, an adjustable wrench, an auto-lock tape measurer, two flatheads and phillips-head screwdrivers, and both combination pliers and long nose pliers. Also included is a utility knife, which will make unpacking your moving boxes so much easier, and eight hex keys, which will come in handy in case you lose any of them hex keys that come with your assembly-required furniture.

In addition to the basics, the Workpro 100-Piece Home Tool Kit comes with a handful of helpful extras including 40 zip ties, 10 replacement utility knife blades, nine sockets, and 20 screw bits that stay on their included screwdriver magnetically. The included polyester (and water-resistant) case has dedicated compartments with straps to secure each tool in its place, effectively eliminating any worry that the tools will become jumbled once inside. BUY IT NOW



pro stomer-The Guru of Moving

If you are looking for a tool kit that is a little bit of higher quality, then this might be for you. This high quality tool kit is perfect for moving, diy projects and also constructions workers and mechanics.  It comes with an assortment of professional-grade wrenches, magnetic level, a complete range of 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch metric-sized sockets and precision screwdrivers, hammer, tape measure, pliers etc. The 72-tooth ratchet easily shift to change direction by flick of 5-degree switch. Variety of 1/4-inch screwdriver bits: Phillips, slotted, square, star and pozi. Soft-grip handle on screwdrivers, pliers, striper and hammer provides excellent comfort and control. BUY NOW



como ware-The Guru of Moving

When moving it is better to be prepared and with this tool kit you will be able to cover all your basis. Along with providing all the tools that you need to complete all the usual diy and moving tasks you could ever think off.  It also comes with a high quality drill to help with drilling wood and metal, replacing screws, turning nuts, stripping wire, and other basic repair jobs around your house. The 20V cordless power drill is powered by a 2.0Ah high-capacity lithium ion battery for longer working hours. A 2.5-hour charger is included. The electric drill features 3/8″ (10mm) keyless chuck and 25+1 torque setting with max 266 lbs torque.All the hand tools are packed in a sturdy, compact carrying case for storage and portability. Each tool fits snugly into its respective place to prevent moving around and scraping. BUY NOW



byond-The Guru of Moving

Sticking with a tool kit option that gives you a little more power by including a drill. Our next option is Beyond by Black and Decker. This tool kit includes everything you will need from a drill, a variety of drill bits and screwdriving bits, pliers, hex wrenches, tape measure, level, hammer, screwdriver, battery, battery charger and bag to help you complete home projects. The easy to use drill comes with a long battery runtime to help you tackle your DIY and home improvement projects. BUY NOW