How To Clean A Microwave

How to clean a microwave

We all know that keeping our microwave sparkling clean isn’t always on our list of priorities everyday. Although it is best to give it a wipe down every few days, sometimes it can get overlooked.  I think we have all been guilty of heating up them leftovers, spilling that soup as we take it out or forgetting to cover up what we are reheating and for whatever reason we have let the mess sit and get old for a few days. Don’t worry, there is hope. Luckily knowing how to clean it and make it sparkle again is a breeze if you follow our simple seeps. You can also view a video showing you all the steps at the bottom of this page.

A Step by step guide on How to clean a microwave

  • Start by putting water and sliced lemons in a microwavable bowl.


  • Place the bowl in the microwave and run the microwave for 4 minutes. After the time is done, keep the door closed for a further 3 minutes, this will allow the steam and lemon to do their magic.


  • When the time is up, carefully remove the bowl. Be sure to use a towel to grab the bowl as it can still be warm.


  • You can now simply wipe all that old dirt easily off and you will be left with a sparkling clean microwave.

You will now be left with a clean and sparkling microwave. The water and the lemons combined to make a steam that will effortlessly remove and loosen  all that built up food in the microwave so that it makes it super easy to remove and clean. For more tips and tricks such as How to load a tape gun visit our blog at The Guru of Moving Blog