Steps To Take Before Your Moving Truck Arrives

Steps to take before your moving truck arrives


So moving day is finally here. After months of planning it’s finally time to take a step back and let the movers do all the hard work.  You have spent the last few months researching movers, looking at new apartment, packing and getting everything organized for the big day.  With all that hard work already done it’s easy to feel worn out and to think that there is nothing more that can be done and whatever happens happens, but don’t put your feet up just yet.  We have come up with a list of steps that tend to get done the night before or on the morning of the move and completing these last few steps will help to ensure that all your planning was worthwhile.


Clear a spot for the moving truck

Making sure the movers have somewhere to park their truck when they arrive will help to ensure that your move gets off to a great start.  If you have been saving spots with your cars make sure that you know where all the keys are so you are ready to spring into action when the moving truck arrives.  If you have paid for parking permits, make sure that no one has parked there and if they have, call the tow people asap as it will normally take someone at least 45 minutes to come out and tow them away.  If neighbors have been holding spots for you let them know when your movers plan to arrive so that they are ready to go


Make sure everything is clearly labeled

With so much going on during moving day it’s easy for you to forget what goes where, what items stay, what goes to donation etc but remember it’s not only you that needs to know these things, your movers need to know these details too in order to ensure a smooth move. .Before your movers arrive, take one last walk around and make sure everything is clearly labelled.  Label all boxes where you would like them to go at your new home, mark anything that stays so that it doesn’t get loaded onto the truck by mistake and mark any items that are super fragile or require special attention. Not only will these steps help ensure a smooth move but it will also mean that you don’t have to explain everything over and over again to the movers.


Make a dedicated “Safe Zone” in your house

There are always a few items in your home that are essential to you during the day of your move and it’s important that these items don’t get loaded onto the moving truck by mistake.  Theses may be items like your car keys, medicine, your kids favorite teddy bear etc.  Our advice it to designate a certain corner of a room for all these items and call this corner the safe zone.  When your movers arrive, show them the safe zone, explain to them that everything there stays and is not to be moved and this will help to ensure that you are not stressing out later when you realize your car keys have been packed onto the moving truck.


Go over your contract

Before your movers arrive look over your contract in advance and ensure that you understand what’s expected of you and what you can expect of your movers. Make sure you understand  when your movers will arrive, how much you will be charged, what insurance options you have etc. If you have any questions be sure to contact a representative to talk about any questions you may have before the move begins.


Find a safe spot for your pets

We know you love your pets and enjoy having them around but having them running around during a move can be distracting and also dangerous.  Make sure you have a clear plan on what do do with them on moving day. You may decide to put them in a basket, ask a friend to take care of them or put them in a shelter for a night. Whatever you decide, having them out of the way will mean you have one less thing to worry about and will also make in safer for you and the movers.

Pack an overnight bag

Even if you expect your move to be completed in a day we highly recommend still being prepared and packing an overnight bag just incase.  Although you may never need it there is always a small chance that the moving truck may break down, you lose your only set of keys to your new home or your new landlords decides you can’t get into your new apartment until the following day. Having an overnight bag prepared will help to make a night in a hotel a little less stressful.

Be fully packed

If you have told your moving company that you plan to pack yourself then it is super important that you are fully packed when they arrive.  Many people think that they will be able to pack during the move but you will typically have so many other things to do during the move that this really isn’t a great idea.  Being fully packed before your movers arrive will mean you are less stressed and will be able to coordinate the move much more efficiently, also your estimate will typically be based on you being fully packed so ensuring that you are will mean that the moving company will have to stick to their estimate and will not be able to increase the price.