The benefits of plastic moving boxes

One of the biggest changing in the moving industry within the last 5 years has been the emergence of plastic moving boxes.  It has been a topic of great discussion lately as to which is better, cardboard boxes or plastic moving boxes.  Although plastic moving boxes do have a few drawbacks I feel that overall they are a clearly better option for customers when it comes to moving there home and the following are the reasons why.


Safety / Security

I feel like this point constantly gets overlooked when listing the benefits of plastic moving boxes.  One of the great things about them is that they come with plastic zip ties to lock the box closed when you are finished packing it.  The beauty of this is that it makes it so much harder for your mover or a random person walking by your moving truck to steal anything from it.  With cardboard boxes anyone can get into the box quickly and even close i up again without you even realizing that someone has went through your stuff.  This security feature is one of the best benefits from using plastic moving boxes.


They are Eco friendly

On average most plastic moving boxes can be used up to an average of around 400 times before they need to be replaced. Cardboard boxes really start to lose their structure after the first use.



This is one of the things I love most about plastic moving boxes. Most companies will deliver them right to your door for free, usually 6 to 7 days a week.  Simply go online, schedule a time that works for you and have them dropped off. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


They are weather resistant

As the boxes are made from plastic which means they should prevent any rain or any liquid for that matter from getting inside. This means that even if it is raining heavily on moving day you will be able to relax as all of of your items will stay nice and dry.


They are cheaper

We all know how important cost is when your moving, so this is a big one. Plastic boxes typically work out 50% cheaper than using cardboard boxes for your move. You know exactly the cost of them when you are ordering them, they come with free delivery and even free pick up which saves you both time and money.


Ease of use

All plastic moving boxes come equipped with strong handles to help you lift them. They are also super easy to stack onto a dolly and they make loading a moving truck a lot easier.


Durability and strength

Having used cardboard boxes for years believe me when I say that plastic moving boxes are a lot more durable and stronger than cardboard boxes. The plastic moving boxes can typically hold around 100 lbs and their lid can support around 100 lbs also. This means that you don’t have to worry about them getting crushed and having your items destroyed like you would with cardboard boxes.


They force you to unpack

This is another benefit that for some reason I don’t hear a lot of people mention.  Because you are typically renting these boxes by the day or week you are forced to unpack them after your move so you don’t keep getting charged for them.  We all know that we have moved in the past and there are still boxes siting around years later that have still not been unpacked.  Being forced to unpack a little quicker is always a great benefit in my opinion.

Companies that offer plastic moving boxes rentals

U-Haul – Locations all across America.

Rentamovingbox – Serving the LA, Orange County and San Diego areas.

ZippGo – Serving San Francisco and the whole Bay Area

Redi-Box – Serving the Chicago and Portlands areas

Boxuprental – Serving the NY metro area.