How to load and use a one handed tape dispenser


How to load and use a one handed tape dispenser.

To load the tape dispenser simply insert your roll of tape into the slot provided and ensure that the sticky side of the tape is facing down. As you can see, the sides are flexible to allow for the tape too easily fit in. Again ensure that the sticky side is facing down and is also sitting on top of the 2 red plastic guides. This will ensure that whenever you use and cut the tape the sticky end will sit nicely back on top of the guides facing down so you don’t lose the end. And thats it, your tape dispenser is now loaded.

Next, to use your tape dispenser. Grab the box that you would like to tape. Pull a small amount of tape from the dispenser and place and hold it on the box where you would like the tape to start. Next, firmly pull the tape across your box until you get to the end. When you want to cut the tape simply apply some downward pressure to the end for a nice clean cut. And there you have it. How to load and use a tape dispenser.

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