How to load a tape gun


How to load a tape gun

Listen it’s ok we have all been there, struggling and wondering how to load a tape gun so you can get them all important boxes taped. The good news is it is super easy when you know how. Below is a  video showing you exactly how to load a tape gun video as well as a step by step guide on how to do it.

  • First, grab your roll of tape, make sure that the end of the tape is on the left with the sticky side facing down.


  • Next grab your roll of tape and push it fully onto the large roller


  • Position the end of tape so that it ready to go under the other roller


  • Grab the tape gun with your right hand and with your left hand pull the lever down and use your right index finger to hold it in place.


  • Take the end of your tape and pull it underneath the roller and up towards the blades. Let go of the lever and use the blades to cut the tape.


And there you have it, you are now ready to tape your boxes. Check out our how to video on it below.