How to pack glasses

Learn how to pack glasses and keep them safe when moving

What you will need to pack glasses properly

Correct Size Moving Boxes

Unprinted Paper / Bubblewrap



We understand that not everyone knows how to pack glasses properly and that it can be quite intimidating when you start opening up all those kitchen cupboards and are faced with an array of glasses to pack. Don’t panic we are here to help. We understand that you need to be extra careful when packing glasses but if you follow our step by step guide on how to pack glasses we can help to make sure that your glasses arrive in your beautiful new home is pristine condition.


Step by step guide on how to pack glasses –


Prepare a work station to pack glasses on

Choose a solid work station such as a table or a large countertop where you will feel comfortable standing when you are packing the glasses. We recommend a work station that is around waist high so that you are not crouching over which will help to make sure your back does not hurt. We recommend covering your work station with a protective cover such as a moving blanket. This will ensure that the table or counter top does not get scratched when you are packing the glasses. Finally place clean unprinted packing paper on your workstation.

Prepare your moving box

The next step is to tape up and prepare the box you are going to put the glasses into. We recommend medium boxes as large boxes can become too heavy when packed with glasses. Normal medium boxes are fine to use but if you are extremely worried about the glasses we recommend using double walled dish packs for extra protection. When you have chosen the correct box the next step is to tape it correctly. The final step in preparing the box is to place 8 to 12 pieces of crushed paper in the bottom of the box so that the bottom is completely covered.

Wrap each glass in paper

Start of by placing on glass on its side 6 to 8 inches from one of the corners of your packing paper. Next, bring the nearest corner of your paper over the top of your glass, then start to roll the glass until it is completely covered by the paper. Next, fold the outside paper in towards the center then continue to roll the glass and fold in the corners as needed until the glass is fully wrapped and protected.

Box up each wrapped glass

When you have finished wrapping each glass place it upside down on top of the crushed paper. Placing it upside down will will to protect the glasses during transportation. Continue to place each wrapped glass along the bottom of the box until it is completely covered. If there are any spaces fill them with more crushed paper. If you have enough room, place another layer of crushed paper on top of the wrapped glasses and place another layer of wrapped glasses on top.

Leave some space at the top of the box

We recommend not packing your boxes all the way to the top and instead leaving around 6 inches of space at the top for extra packing material. Grab some more crushed paper and use it to fill the box to the top. This will help to give an extra level of protection to your packed glasses.

Check, Tape and Label your box

The final step is to to check, tape and label your boxes. CHECK that the box has been packed properly. Look Into the box and make sure that no glass can be seen. Next, give the box a shake. You should not be able to hear any glasses knocking against each other. If you can, check the box and fill with more paper as required. TAPE the box when you are completely happy using the same technique outlined above. Lastly LABEL each box with a sharpie, listing the contents of each box and what room you would like them to go to in your new home.

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