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Storage a solution to your moving problem

Whether you are moving across the country, in between places, renovating your current home or simply would like to make a little more space in your current home, putting items in storage is a great solution to your problem.

There are many different types of storage options available these days, from your typical self storage facilities where you drive up and put the items into the units yourself, companies that will drop off the storage container right to your front door, you load it up and they pick it up when it’s ready to companies that will even turn up, load everything up for you and take it to their facility and then deliver it back to you when you are ready.

Instead of you having to search and shop around for the best storage options to fit your needs, we have put together a lists of all the different types of storage options and companies so that you can choose the option that suits your needs.

Storage Options To Fit Your Needs

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Public Storage

By far and away one of the most popular self storage options around. With this option you book your unit, drive up and unload everything into your unit, its that simple. They offer self storage, business storage, climate controlled storage and even vehicle storage. Everything can be easily booked and managed online and they even offer your first months storage for as low as $1

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Using Clutter definitely provides you with the option that will mean you personally do as little work as possible. With this option they come to your home, load everything onto their truck and then take it to there secure storage facility. They offer free packing materials and even a free pick up. They will photograph all of your items. Their Smart Storage space has climate control, 24/7 security, and an online photo inventory.

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Pack Rat

With the Pack Rat option you simply pick the size of container you need, they will deliver the all steel, weather proof container right to your door. You pack up the container at your own pace or get help with it from a local professional. When you are ready give them a call. They will come and pick it up and take it directly to your new location or storage the items for you for as long as you need.

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U Pack

This is another great company and works in a similar way to Pack Rat. They deliver the container to your home. You load your belongings. They then pick up the equipment and store it until you’re ready. When you are ready you give them a call to schedule a delivery date, and they bring your items to you location. You unload, and then they pick up the empty container.

Both short- and long-term storage are available in most U-Pack service areas. A moving consultant can help you decide whether you need storage at origin, in transit or at destination.