Tips On How To Prevent Clutter In Your Home

Tips On How To Prevent Clutter In Your Home

Wondering how to prevent clutter in your home? Are you constantly surrounded by an overwhelming amount of stuff? Struggling to locate your essential ingredients while cooking or your go-to makeup products during your morning routine? It might be time to tackle the clutter in your life. However, decluttering can be a time-consuming and energy-draining process. So why not take a proactive approach and prevent clutter from invading your home in the first place? The good news is that it’s simpler than you might think. In this article, we’ll explore six effective ways to keep clutter at bay.

How to prevent clutter in your home

Resist the Urge to Buy in Bulk

Purchasing items in bulk can be a great money-saving strategy. However, the downside is that we often end up buying more than we actually need, resulting in cluttered shelves. The key here is selectivity. While you’ll eventually use up that entire case of toilet paper, that gigantic fourteen-pack of mayonnaise might take ages to finish, unless you’re a sandwich-making enthusiast. So, be discerning in your bulk purchases to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Bid Farewell to Disposable Food Containers

Disposable food containers have a knack for cluttering up your kitchen. They’re unwieldy, and the quest for the right lid can be exasperating. Moreover, those flimsy plastic containers don’t stand the test of time and won’t keep your food fresh in the long run. Invest in quality food containers, with glass being the optimal choice, for reusability and tidiness. Dispose of or recycle disposable containers promptly to keep your kitchen clutter-free.

Keep Reusable Bags in Your Car

If you find yourself drowning in a sea of reusable bags at home, it’s time for a reckoning. Sort through your collection and retire any that are dirty, damaged, or worn out. These bags often accumulate because we forget to take them when we’re on the go and end up buying more. To curb this clutter, relocate your reusable bags to your car and stash them in the trunk for easy access.

Incorporate Donation Bins in Your Closets

Maintaining a small donation bin or bag in your closets can streamline your decluttering efforts. Instead of returning clothing items that no longer suit your style or size, place them in the donation bin. When the bin is full, take a trip to your local thrift store. This practice not only helps you declutter but also keeps your closets organized with items you genuinely love. It’s especially useful for children’s rooms, given how rapidly they outgrow clothing.

Refuse Unnecessary Items

We’re all guilty of accepting things we don’t need, such as hotel conditioner samples when you’ve been using the same brand for years or a bag of sweaters when you live in a warm climate. Accumulating unnecessary items creates clutter and disarray in your home. If you find it challenging to refuse, make plans to donate or discard the items as soon as possible.

Frequent Mini Decluttering Sessions

You don’t need to set aside specific seasons or yearly intervals for decluttering. Instead, commit to decluttering whenever you notice a mess or as new items enter your home. After a grocery store haul, check your pantry for expired goods. Similarly, after a shopping spree, review your bathroom storage areas and dispose of products you no longer use. Set a timer for a quick five or ten-minute decluttering session, put on some music or a podcast, and get started.


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